Top Food Safety Stories of 2011

Food Safety News recently ran a series on the Top Food Safety Stories of 2011.  Here is the list and links to the articles.

  1. E. coli O104 outbreak in Europe associated with sprouts
  2. Listeria-tainted cantaloupes sicken 146, kill 31 in US
  3. Foodborne illness outbreaks associated with antibiotic resistant Salmonella
  4. ‘Big Six’ E. coli strains banned in beef
  5. Del Monte Fresh Produce vs. FDA
  6. Salmonella Enteritidis: FDA-egg industry disconnect
  7. Questions about the quality of imported honey
  8. Food fright
  9. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
  10. Local food ‘sovereignty’ movement, cottage food exemptions

About Les Bourquin

Professor and Food Safety Specialist Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Michigan State University
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